Mr CMS Features


Page Authoring

Mr CMS has different types of pages depending on your 
installed apps. Editing a page can be done via inline editing or through the admin interface. Mr CMS gives you full control over the page layout, widgets and content.


Form Builder

Mr CMS has an inbuilt form builder. This means you can quickly 
and easily create HTML forms to collate user data. 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Sitemaps, metadata, clean URLs, URL history (redirects) - Mr CMS does it all. It even has a built in SEO page analyser which will tell you problems with your content.


Media Management

Mr CMS has a drag and drop media management tool allowing you simple management of your media. You can upload images, audio and videos to Mr CMS and manage them into folders


Inline Editing

Inline editing in Mr CMS allows you to do just that - edit your page content without going to the administration system. 


Health Checks

The Mr CMS health check system checks the operating health of Mr CMS. The checks that Mr CMS makes will depend on the apps installed, however it will monitor Mr CMS to make sure it is behaving as it should - are emails being sent OK? Is there a problem with payment gateways? Are automated tasks running? If there are any problems Mr CMS will flag them in the administration panel.


Azure Ready

Mr CMS is azure ready. We have built in SQL Azure and SQL Azure Storage into Mr CMS meaning your apps will run well in the cloud.


App Framework

Mr CMS uses Apps to give itself functionality. This allows Mr CMS to be whatever you want it to be. In the future we hope there to be several open source apps for your use.


Rapid Development

Mr CMS has been built with Rapid Development in mind. Not only are all the boring bits done for you, but creating new functionality is quick and easy.

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