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Mr CMS v0.5.1 release

We have worked hard on latest release of Mr CMS - v0.5.1. With an ever increasing look at how we can evolve Mr CMS to make it better from a development & hosting aspect, we have concentrated on how settings and configuration are stored within projects. 

  • Swapped out old Azure caching for Redis cache
  • Brought in the concept of a staging URL and staging Robots.txt - this allows us to use Azure Deployment Slots
  • Message queue now allows attachments
  • The Mr CMS admin logo can now be swapped out through System Settings - Site Settings
  • Removed Self Execute Tasks which uses HostingEnvironment.QueueBackgroundWorkItem due to unreliability of execution. Instead use external task system to poll the task executor URL.
  • Files are moved off disk for use with Azure websites scaling and deployment slots
  • Settings are migrated back to the database. Note: Remove unused .json files from App_Data/Settings. Settings will auto migrate but issues may occur if unused .json files are in the directory
  • Message templates moved back to database
  • Connection string now in ConnectionStrings.Config
  • Sitemaps now output to disk and are scheduled for rebuild via tasks
  • Favicons can be rendered at different sizes using @Html.RenderFavicon(size: new Size(16, 16))
  • Better media management and uploading notifications
  • Azure probe settings for using traffic manager
  • Added more ACL rules for core functionality
  • Performance: Nhibernate configured for non-eager loading of entities to improve database performance
  • Performance: Limited URL lengths to 450 to allow for indexes to be applied in SQL Server
  • Performance: Whitespace filter now compiled
  • Fixed: Daylight savings date/time issue
  • Fixed: Empty writes to the universal search index
  • Fixed: Issue with the close icon on the inline widget editing
  • Fixed: 404s were returning 404 status but with a blank response. Fixed to return 404 HTML see Views/Error/FileNotFound.cshtml
  • Breaking Change: Localised scripts now rendered separately to other scripts using @{ @Html.RenderLocalisedScripts();}
  • Breaking Change: Rewrite of the task execution system so that tasks are system wide rather than site specific. Tasks can now be enabled or disabled. This is a breaking change and tasks should be updated to disable site filters for any multisite websites.
  • Breaking Change: Mail settings are set at the system level rather than site level. Mail settings will need to be reconfigured
  • Breaking Change: System settings now stored in mrcms.config - the new location for hosting specific settings
  • Breaking Change: Remove Azure Directory for Lucene (We are slowly moving away from Lucene and looking at other solutions which work better with cloud based hosting and scaling)