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Mr CMS v0.5 Released and a move to GitHub

Today we release version 0.5 of Mr CMS which sees several improvements and new features listed below. We are also taking this opportunity to move to GitHub as we feel the social environment will help Mr CMS flourish.

Features of release include:

  • Message template overhaul
    • Message templates now stored in Json (similar to settings in App_Data)
    • Templates can be overridden on a per site basis with a default being used if there is no override
    • Templates can now be disabled on a per site basis
  • Batch Jobs
    • Ability to create batch jobs which are great for tasks which require processing (e.g product imports in eCommerce)
  • User Admin enhancements
    • Explicit user tabs (based on app ​requirements)
    • Better search functionality
  • Universal Search Enhancements
    • Ability to search all all entities from one search bar at the top of admin
    • Two APIs for what to index - Primary Search Terms and Secondary Search Terms - Primary search terms are boosted more than secondary allowing for better result matching
  • Copy Site functionality has been overhauled
  • Upgrade packages and SQL lite - no need for the x86 / x64 folders in project structure
  • Anti Forgery Validation for form builder
  • Update to CKeditor
  • Media enhancements
    • DropZone is now used for media upload
    • Animated gifs can be uploaded
    • Paging of images
    • Better searching and ability to order media
    • Alt/Title can be set from featured images easily
  • Forms builder
    • Can now specify where a form is redirected to after submit
    • Placeholders can be specified on form items
  • Document Publish flag
    • Explicit publish flag now set in background for performance reasons
  • Bundling now uses default .NET bundling
  • Update to ASP.NET 4.5.2
  • Automatic Task Pinger 

Upgrade notes

When upgrading you will need to do the following:

1 - Run the following update script against your database:


  SET = 1

Where PublishOn < GETDATE()


2 - In admin go to System -> Settings -> Media Settings and set the Admin allowed file type uploads to be a comma separated list as so: .jpg, .gif, .mp4 (etc)

3 - On the same page set the Media Page Size (the number of files to show when browsing media in admin)

4 - Update QueuedTask table field Data to be nvarchar(MAX)

5 - Remove the x86/x64 folders

6 - Under tasks make sure you have added the task to publish pages (for scheduled publishes)


To download Mr CMS please head over to GitHub.