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Mr CMS 0.4.3 released

Mr CMS 0.4.3 has today been released.

Whats new?

New Layout

Mr CMS now has links down the left rather than along the top. This allows more room for sites with lots of apps and lots of links:

Unified Admin Search

The unified search API allows you to add items to the admin search index from your app. By default it will search users, webpages, media and layouts.

The type ahead feature allows you to select an item and go directly to it.

Better Media Management

Mr CMS now organises media in to folders. You can cut and paste files from one folder to another.

Also in the release

  • CKEditor bar will scroll with you on pages with a lot of content allowing you access to the controls
  • Localisation of resources in admin for other languages
  • Multiple fixes and performance boosters

Those with a keen eye will also see our Ecommerce App is partly shown here. Sign up to the newsletter for updates and to become a better tester.

Download Mr CMS 0.4.3 here